filling Tooth decay will always be the number one oral health problem for kids; therefore, regular trips to the dentist are important to check for any teeth that might need attention . Since our specialised equipment allows us to check all of the teeth very closely, some problems that cannot be detected at home are picked up when you visit the dentist. The earlier we find a problem the simpler and less expensive it is to address. This is why we recommend a visit at least every 6 months or so.

Parents can assist with this process by looking out for dental problems when helping with brushing. Signs of discoloured enamel or cavities are an important indication that a dental visit should be made as soon as possible.

If your child requires a filling, their first appointment will start with our dentist doing an examination of the problem area to assess the best way of restoring the tooth. If the decay is only small, we might just do a preventive resin restoration. If the cavity is larger, we might put a composite or glass ionomer filling in the tooth…..these are both white in colour so that they blend in with the natural tooth.

If the cavity is very large then we may need to consider other treatments such as a pulpotomy and a stainless steel crown. Although these treatments are more involved than a simple filling, they are always completed in a way that your child will remain as comfortable as possible.

A range of sedation options such as nitrous oxide (‘happy gas’) are available if your child is nervous about treatment. We find most children simply enjoy the distraction of watching the TV or listening to music during procedures. Some patients even want to stay once their treatment is over to finish watching their TV show!

Regardless of the size or type of filling required, parents can rest assured that our highly trained clinicians will provide a high standard of clinical expertise, while keeping the comfort of your child at the forefront of our care.