Cathy checking teeth

Your child’s first dental appointment will involve a thorough examination of the teeth and gums, as well as their bite. Some people wonder why checkups like this are important for children, since baby teeth will eventually be lost. The answer is that taking care of the baby teeth can have a very big impact on the adult teeth that follow. How is this so? Some common problems that affect baby teeth can determine the way the adult teeth underneath form or erupt. The best way to minimize problems with your child’s baby teeth and their adult teeth when they come through is with regular monitoring to prevent trouble from occurring in the first place and to detect and treat issues when they first occur rather than when they become very serious.

But how can you convince your child to go to the dentist? Many children will be curious about what the dentist is like and what we do. We hope that by looking around this website and showing your kids the video of what to expect when they come to visit us at The Dental Centre, the experience of visiting the dentist will be much less daunting, and maybe even exciting! If you or your child is still unsure, you could also simply ring our reception staff and arrange to come in for a look around.

One smart way to get kids to their first dental visit is to schedule their appointment on the same day as yours. Often kids will be more eager to have their own mouth examined after seeing how easy it was for a parent or family member to have a checkup.

At The Dental Centre our aim is to come up with an excellent preventive program that fits you, your child, and the whole family. This task is best served by familiarising your child with dental care from a young age. Through regular dental examinations and early diagnosis of problems so that treatment can be as conservative as possible, we can set the foundations of a healthy smile for life.