The most effective way to avoid painful, costly and potentially disfiguring dental injuries is to get a custom-made mouthguard that we make on-site here at The Dental Centre.

Our mouthguards will be fabricated to suit your specific needs using a detailed cast of your mouth. This helps us to accurately identify the exact shape of your teeth, as well as your gum contour and bite pattern, leading to us making the best possible mouthguard to protect your teeth. Generic mouthguards (such as the boil and bite ones available from the chemist), do not provide properly-distributed support for your teeth, jaws and soft tissues. A poorly fitting mouthguard not only places your teeth at risk, but can also interfere with your speech and breathing, which can impact on your performance.

The accurate fit of our professionally-made mouthguards will enable you to breathe and speak far more easily so you can play hard and rest assured that your teeth are being protected. You can also choose from the wide variety of patterns and colours that our mouthguards come in – some people like to match their team colours, just like our patient here who plays for the Coffs Comets!

Comets mouthguard