Hopefully, most kids and teenagers will be wearing a custom-made mouthguard when playing any contact sports to try to reduce the impact of any blow to the mouth area. There are, however, many times during the year when we see instances of trauma….usually from sport, swimming pool accidents or bike and scooter crashes.

It is very important that prompt attention is sought to address these trauma injuries as the time  period before treatment is provided can have a significant bearing on the longterm outcome of treatment.

In some cases, we may simply have to bond the tooth fragment back on or repair a fracture. In other cases we will also need to reposition and stabilise the teeth. It is critical that you attend a dental practice that is familiar with dealing with these types of injuries. At The Dental Centre we are experienced and specifically trained to manage dental trauma. These are often stressful situations for parents, but you can rest assured that we will always endeavor to provide timely care and reassurance if your child sustains a dental injury.