Oral Hygiene

The clinical staff at The Dental Centre will provide the latest advice on how to maintain optimum oral health as you grow up and your teeth go through various stages. You will be taught basic techniques such as the correct toothbrushing method and how to floss, in addition to other specific strategies that will help you to maintain a healthy mouth given your unique circumstances.

Regular hygiene visits are also recommended to maintain clean teeth and healthy gums. The professional cleaning service offered in our practice uses an ultrasonic instrument for heavier build up of plaque or calculus and then thorough polishing to remove stains. We also have a Prophyjet system to help get rid of any particularly stubborn stains.

Dietary Advice

Good oral hygiene and a healthy diet go hand-in-hand when it comes to achieving not just oral health, but also general health. You are probably aware that sugary/starchy foods and tooth decay are connected….when sugars and starches combine with the bacteria in your mouth, strong acids are produced, which can dissolve the tooth enamel, eventually resulting in decay and cavities. It is important to realise that it isn’t solely the amount of sugary food and drinks that you consume, but is also the frequency of snacking that ultimately determines your risk.

So if you’re looking to enjoy those mouthwatering treats without putting your oral health at risk, a good tip is to try to eat them less frequently. Try to opt for healthier snack alternatives like fruits and vegetables, nuts, and cheese and if you need a ‘naughty treat’ save this for mealtimes. Another important tip is to ensure you rehydrate with water throughout the day and after snacks. Milk-based drinks are also okay as long as they are not flavoured and sweetened. Using sugar-free gum is another way to help to reduce the risk to your teeth. By chewing gum after a meal, saliva (our body’s best defence against tooth decay) is stimulated and there is a better chance that the food which can stagnate between our teeth will be flushed away.

If you are serious about having your mouth in the best condition then we are always happy to tailor a hygiene/dietary plan specifically for your circumstances during your visit to The Dental Centre. And don’t worry, it doesn’t always involve going without all of the good stuff!