Stainless steel crowns (or SSCs) are indicated in cases of extensive tooth decay. Your dentist will use a SSC to encase the entire tooth, providing a “hugging effect”, which provides a better protection for the tooth than glass ionomer or composite (white) fillings in many cases. These crowns are mostly indicated for back teeth and they last much longer than a large filling would.

Your child’s SSC appointment will start with the dentist finding the right size of crown to use. After the fit is confirmed, the dentist will remove the decay and shape the tooth so the crown can be seated in place. The crown is secured to the tooth using dental cement then the dentist will do some final polishing to ensure the crown is smooth and comfortable.

Most children adapt well to the placement of SSC’s. Many kids like the thought of having a ‘sparkly’ or ‘robot tooth’, and parents like the fact that these are very strong and long-lasting restorations. Most of the time SSC’s last in place until the baby tooth is wiggled out by the child- and sometimes the tooth fairy even gives a little extra money for such a shiny tooth!