002-167A3383RGFor parents, nothing is more precious than their little one’s bright, happy smile. Therefore, giving kids the skills they need to take care of the teeth and gums is extremely important.

Oral care requirements can vary for kids of different ages. As children grow up, parents are faced with many questions about how to best help to care for their child’s teeth. When should they start brushing? Do they need to floss or use a mouthwash? Should they be using fluoride supplements? When should kids start brushing their teeth on their own? How can common problems be avoided?

We consider answering such questions an important part of our role. We don’t just fix things when they go wrong, we take the time to give our patients of all ages the skills they need to prevent dental problems from arising. By giving advice that is tailored to the specific needs of each child, parents can rest assured that positive habits will be created for a lifetime of good dental health as part of a visit to The Dental Centre.